Eh…a teacher’s lament

Do not go gentle into that good night. Carpe diem! Charge! Seize and fight for half a page, half a page, half a page onward! I feel like a hype-man prepping a crowd dazed and confused and sitting there proud and smug-faced.   Now, don’t get it twisted; their smirks aren’t for their grades or class participation but rather for the [...]

Into The Wild

The cool velvet of grass has turned to jagged shards of stone And my feet stumble on the uneven ground. Where wildflowers once danced by ambling streams of crystal waters There now lies a vast emptiness of arid sand and staggered skeletons of dead trees. They loom ahead, dread guardians of the path before me, [...]

Restless Expectancy

Anticipation can feel an awful lot like an anxiety attack: My heart beats against the prison bars of my rib cage. My pulse thrums like the wings of a hummingbird. A tangle of butterfly knots sits heavily in my guts, And I am fairly certain my pupils are completely blown. What great, auspicious thing looms [...]

You Wonder!

The most recent contender in the battle for superhero movie of the century is currently smashing box office records like the Hulk, but ironically, it’s not a Stan Lee “Marvel.” It’s actually a Patty Jenkins “Wonder.” Wonder Woman to be exact. I’ve been a fan of Wonder Woman since my childhood probably because she is [...]